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Linen Rentals

Specialty Linen Rentals


If your planning a special occasion a important event logistic to note, is that the linens  that you decide to place on your tables and chairs, can without a doubt make or break the look of your special event.

No matter the occasion the moment you decide to use disposable plastic or paper tissue linens your event will instantly take on the look of a “party in a box” kind.

The good news however is, that with the introduction of linen rentals on the Angelique’s website, I now make it easy for event planners and party hosts to find the kind of linens, overlays, runners, napkins, skirts, sashes, chair covers and chair pads, that will transform each special event, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary.


With  thousands of fabrics, colors, themes, prints, patterns and textures to choose from, my celebrity endorsed linens provide a quality high end look, at extremely competitive linen rental prices.


And if your working with a modest budget, my classic linens and chair covers, which  include traditional Polyester, Organza’s, Satin and Lamours make linen rentals completely afforable by catering to budget sensitive event planning.

Whatever your vision, you can find the perfect linen to make your special event dreams come true  and I’ve made it even easier for you to realize your dreams by giving you, free nationwide shipping on linen rentals of $300 or more.


Be Inspired by this look, created with Passion Fruit Elastic Taffeta table linen. Antique Gold Sheer Organdy chair covers and Aubergine Lamour napkins and chair sashes.

Renting as never been so easy. So why not dress your event with beautiful table linens, overlays, skirts, napkins and runners and sit in style with our universal self tie, stretch fit and banquet style chair covers, sashes, chair pads and chair tassels. If you can envision the look we’ve got the rentals to make it happen! 







Wow Bridal News

Getting married can be stressful, with so many details to handle it’s not surprising that Brides find themselves overwhelmed and almost ready to pull their hair out.

From choosing the style and theme  of your wedding, to finding the right dress or deciding how many guests you can afford to invite the laundry list of things to do is almost unbelievable.

Everyone has an opinion and the stress that can come from trying to please everyone can often leave you feeling like you aren’t the Bride, which is why I’m so excited to be able to tell you about my new YouTube Channel

Wow Bridal News , where you’ll be able to receive valuable tips and solutions that will help you to gain control of your wedding so that you can start to visualize your wedding dreams and have them come true.

Wow Bridal News is the meat and potato’s of wedding planning, and it’s FUN! So why not take time out to collaborate with other brides by subscribing to my YouTube Channel or how about following me on Twitter or on my Wow Bridal News Blog where you can hear the day to day ramblings of a wedding Planner.

Even if you are not getting married but love to dream (like we all do) join in and share your stories, opinions  tips and ideas because Wow Bridal News is for Brides to be, Brides that were and Brides yet to come.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe, Follow and Like Today!

Beauty In The Eyes of The Beholder



As women, we all have our favorite makeup items, whether it’s a color, a particular  product or the product line.  You only have to look in a woman’s makeup bag or makeup drawer to discover her beauty secrets and how she cares for her makeup and the tools that she uses to apply it.


On your wedding day just like your dress, the makeup that you wear should be the very best, whether you apply it yourself, or hire a professional makeup artist to apply it for you.


The Christian Dior line of makeup not only comes in chic compacts, palettes, bottles and tubes, but the entire product line of face makeup definitely provides a flawless finish.  Dior manages to stand alone when it comes to setting the stage for chic stylish packaging and quality makeup combined, and though a little pricey when compared to other designer lines, it’s what I would call couture and therefore worth every single penny. 


From face makeup to nail polish  your overall look should be glamorous and without a doubt completely stunning. 





         Follow these 7 Beauty Tips for Flawless Wedding Day Makeup


1) Never use new makeup line that you have not tested on your skin at least 1 week prior to your wedding, as allergic reactions can result, especially when using foundations, mascaras and eyeliners.


If you hire a makeup artist, I highly recommend having a trial makeup session with the artist just to make sure that his/her preferred makeup and the application techniques that they use give you the results that you want for your wedding day.


2) Prep your skin gently by exfoliating at least 1 week prior to your special day, by doing so you will remove dead skin cells that can cause your skin to look dull.


 3)  Make it a practice to remove your makeup,  at the end of your day, then follow up with a good cleanser and moisturizer, even if this hasn’t been your common practice it’s never too late to introduce a new beauty routine.


4) Drink plenty of H2o, trust me water is a must for healthy glowing skin.


 5. Keep your makeup brushes and applications clean and in good condition by washing them with makeup brush cleaners or warm soapy water, gently blot excess water from the brushes then air drying standing up right and not down on the bristles of your brushes.


6) Don’t be afraid to try a new makeup look for your wedding day. Explore with a minimum of two different looks, which your makeup artist can tweak until you find the look you like. Sometimes it’s something as simple as going a shade lighter or darker on your lipstick or creating a dramatic smokey eye verses a more natural look.


7) Always have touch up makeup available, from lipstick.gloss to powder and facial blotting paper so that you can touch up your makeup throughout the day.


Pinterest Inspires Dreams

pintresrIf you haven’t heard of Pinterest, visit to discover  how trendy brides are using their creativity to design unique inspirational theme boards as their wedding design blueprint.

Though paper scrapbooking

still holds a special place in the hearts of dedicated scrapbookers, the modern way to scrapebook has now become paperless, by trading scissors and glue with pinning and re-pinning pictures and inspirational sayings.

Signing up for an account is extremely easy and the whole process takes less than five minutes, once you’ve established you’re account, the gates open and suddenly the worlds your oyster, as the addiction starts and catapults you into the world of pinning and repinning.  

Create unique theme boards and pin or repin pictures

that inspire you, because this modern way to scrapbook in no way limits you with the theme boards that you want to create and once you discover how easy it is to search other boards and re-pin images directly to your theme board your board will tell your story of all the things you like.


Search keywords for things, people, places and topics that you are interested in, or as you search the web and come across pictures that you like, simply load the Pinterest button into your bookmark and you can pin pictures directly to your board.


I recommend creating individual boards that focus on different stages of your wedding, i.e. the way that you would like your  wedding ceremony to look or how you want to have your reception decor.  Explore bridal and bridal party ensembles,  that incorporate your style.  Pin pictures of floral arrangements that you like,  cakes, tablescapes, invitations and place cards, all of which should represent you’re bridal colors or step outside the box, by experimenting with color blocking.



The possibilities of what you can create are endless just remember tot allow your imagination to work freely, don’t over think it and more importantly have fun, as you design you’re fantasy dream wedding, without a single thought towards you’re wedding budget.



Quick Tip.
Email me with your Pinterest URL to discover the options available to you and how I can help you to incorporate the look and style of the things you love and which give you inspiration from the pictures on your wedding planning Pinterest boards.